Client Testimonials

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you all for all the work and calendar time that you put into this search exercise.  It has been thorough and extensive.  Pamela Kaul’s team developed an impressive long list.  Our short list of 7 had six strong candidates.  The double interviews and the “speed dating dinner” exercise really pressurized the choices.  Time consuming I know-but now we are in a position of knowing that there wasn’t much more that could be envisioned to be done to make this the right choice.  Thanks especially to all of you…

Andrew Skibo, ISPE Search Committee Chair

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the NACA process and am appreciative of your initial call that got the party started.  I continue to daily think of NACA ideas and I look forward to seeing where the organization goes next.  You have been a wonderful point of contact throughout.  I have always enjoyed the search world and folks like you are a good example of how positive the process can be.  Thank you again.  Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Matt Trainum, NACA Search Committee Chair

Thank you for including ISTE Staff in this process.  We appreciate the time you provided us to ask questions and listen to our ideas.  I am very pleased the Search Committee chose to select a team such as yours that spends the time getting to know the organization deeply in order to make the best recommendations you can.

After meeting you my anxiety level was lowered as I felt that you were genuinely interested in helping our Selection Committee choose from a pool of candidates who match those qualities ISTE needs. 

Lynn Nolan

We wish to thank ASI for your very professional help in managing the recruiting process, your in-depth involvement, attention to detail, and support in helping the HI understand its needs and then selecting a candidate was excellent. It was a pleasure working with you.

George Harris, HI Board President & Search Committee Member

I want to note to all of you how happy I was with the size of the binder…Tricia and Pamela have done an outstanding job distilling their herculean efforts into very concise, dense, high-yield pages for your review. I am highly impressed with the quality of information and it’s readability as well as the applicants themselves.

D. Mark Courtney, SAEM Search Committee Chair

Our Candidates

Thanks for your professional leadership throughout the search process. I think I found a nice fit and have you to thank.

Megan Schagrin, SAEM Candidate and Current CEO

Thank you for all your guidance, assistance, and insight throughout this process with AESP. It has been an immense pleasure to work with you and your very professional team at Association Strategies.

Spenser Villwock, AESP Candidate